Ett möte med polisen

Jag fick ett brev ifrån en av våra läsare om ett möte med den svenska polisen. Tyvärr är denna historien inte unik, jag känner till hundratals liknande. Det enda råd man kan ge är att hålla sig långt borta och inom lagens råmärken, den här typen av konfrontationer kommer man sällan vinnande ur. Som Rothbard brukade säga så är det sällan klokt att bryta mot nuvarande lagar, om man ändå gör det så får du ofta betala ett stort pris personligen.

Diaries from the drug war: Stockholm

I feel sick.

While out driving over the weekend, I accidentally made an ”illegal” turn at a confusing intersection near a large construction site. Briefly thereafter, my girlfriend and I were pulled over by two Stockholm police officers that had happened to witness the event. On my part, it was an honest mistake with no victim, and as for the police officers, they were quick to admit they simply had nothing better to do than pull us over. Our tax dollars hard at work!

I managed, with the help of my girlfriend, to explain why I had made the wrong turn and to keep the conversation cordial, but with my basic personal information in hand, they ran me through a computer system and the tone of the conversation suddenly changed. They asked me if I was a criminal.

I knew what they were on about, what they had found in their systems, so I told them. Two years ago, I was caught with 2.5 grams of marijuana at the Swedish border, returning from a trip to Copenhagen. I barely managed to pay my enormous 20 000 SEK extortion fee, but I did manage to pay it, on time. End of story, right? […]