Fraser Institute, Professor Block and Milton Friedman

On July 31st the Fraser Institute sent out an email to remember that Milton Friedman would have been 100 years if he was alive. This is the email that was sent:


Today—July 31, 2012—the Fraser Institute joins policy groups from around the world to celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of Milton Friedman, one of the greatest intellects in history.

Friedman and his wife Rose were longtime friends of the Fraser Institute and Dr. Michael Walker, the Institute’s founding executive director. The Friedmans helped popularize many complex economic ideas, explaining to people around the world why economics matters to everyone, and why capitalism is the key to prosperity.

As governments worldwide continue to react poorly to the economic turmoil following the financial crisis, Dr. Friedman would have encouraged us to be bold in our defense of economic freedom, to study the impact of government intervention and competitive markets, and to hold governments to account.

To learn more about Professor Friedman’s impact, and the implications for Canada and Europe today, I would encourage you to read Dr. Michael Walker’s commentary, an abridged version of which was published in today’s National Post.


Niels Veldhuis
President, Fraser Institute