Bylunds tenta i österrikisk ekonomi

Per Bylund har under vårterminen undervisat en kurs i österrikisk ekonomi på Oklahoma State University. Han har postat tenta på Twitter och vi återger den här. Testa dig själv – hur mycket kan du om österrikisk ekonomi?

Vi kommer posta svaren så fort de finns tillgängliga (och Pers kurs är avslutad).

  1. Explain why diminishing marginal utility is necessarily and always true.
  2. Explain why money is not neutral.
  3. Explain why consumption spending does not drive employment.
  4. Explain how money emerges from a barter economy.
  5. Explain the “paradox of savings,” how reduced consumer spending leads to economic growth.
  6. Explain why an economy without private property of capital is impossible.
  7. Explain the structure and meaning of the Evenly Rotating Economy (ERE) and what it allows us to explain.
  8. Explain the difference between the praxeological concept of entrepreneurship and the “promoter.”
  9. Explain what Austrians mean by rivalrous competition.
  10. Explain the price mechanism as a solution to the knowledge problem.
  11. Explain the role of the firm in the market process.
  12. Explain how expansion of credit leads to a boom-bust cycle.
  13. Explain “Say’s Law” and why it is core to understanding a market economy.

Kursplanen finns här:

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