Help us translate Mises’ masterpiece into Swedish!

A philosopher and an economist, Ludwig von Mises dedicated his life to the struggle for freedom and sound economic theory. For much of the 20th century, he was the foremost proponent of the Austrian school of economics, and for some years he stood strong, completely alone, against the rise of keynesian economics and ever-greater statism. As the popularity of socialism and keynesianism grew bigger at universities around the world, many of Mises’s old friends and colleagues conveniently joined the mainstream, but Mises stayed true to his beliefs and bravely kept pushing forward.

In Nazi Germany his books were burned by the regime, and in the Soviet Union they were forbidden. In 1940, Mises and his wife managed to escape Europe and arrived in New York City with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. He started lecturing at New York University, but received no pay.

But Mises never gave up. He was convinced that the truth was on his side. In 1949, the book Human Action was published, and it got the attention of many American students. It contained a comprehensive defense of liberty and a rigorous analysis of economics. Ludwig von Mises’s brilliant analysis, his ability to cut through all the noise and get straight to the point, and his refusal to compromise on the truth made people interested in liberty and Austrian economics.

Tebjudningen and the Swedish Ludwig von Mises Institute would like to translate this book into Swedish. We believe this is a chance to spread the ideas of freedom to the Swedish youth. The past few years, we have witnessed an increasing interest in freedom amongst ordinary people, and we truly believe that there is still hope for Sweden. But we need your help to win over the hearts and minds of the Swedish youth to the beautiful cause of freedom.

Please help us translate this book into Swedish by joining our crowdfunding at

You can also donate Bitcoins to 13CCiuseeEzahS6nAA9DoruMatHUWHdehg and we will make sure that they are added to the fundraising campaign.

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