Report from Oslo and 11 lectures in Austrian economics and the Ethics for liberty

Last weekend 15-16th of September  myself and Klaus Bernpaintner successfully held a seminar in Austrian economics and the Ethics of Liberty in Oslo Norway at Handelshøyskolen BI. The school has over 8000 students in Norway and is the place you go to study economics in Norway. We were invited by Kapitalismeutvalget BI Nydalen that describes their vision as: “Our vision is to promote understanding of the free market and individual rights among BI students, understanding why this is the practical and moral way to organize society.”.

Over 50 students attended during these two wonderful days. It is wonderful to see so many young people that dedicate their entire weekend to listen to us. We hope that our visit has led to that a thirst for Austrian economics and liberty will grow even stronger in Norway. Thank you to all our old and new friends in Norway. It was fantastic to meet all our old friends from Freedomfest 2010 in Oslo.

I am also happy to announce that at the end of the conference Mises Norway was founded. If you are interested to get involved you should contact one of the founders Alexander B. Carlsson, Hans Jorgen Lysglimt and Amanuel Jonas to get involved. We wish Mises Norway good luck and we will do everything we can to help them, we really hope that our visit has given them a head start.

You can watch all the video from here and see some pictures here, the entire program can be found here.

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