Per Bylund hyllas i recension till Back on the Road to Serfdom

The Freeman har skrivit en recension av Back on the Road to Serfdom: The Resurgence of Statism där roligt nog Per Bylunds insats i boken hyllas. Ur recensionen:

The book consists of ten essays. In the first, Brian Domitrovic gives a useful history of the growth of the American State over the last two centuries. Carey Roberts follows it with an essay showing the continuing damage we suffer due to the statist thinking of Alexander Hamilton. Swedish economist Per Bylund then demolishes the notion, so often uttered by advocates of the welfare state, that Sweden proves how effective the “third way” (a welfare state neither capitalist nor socialist) can be.
These are all splendid pieces, but I am especially drawn to Per Bylund’s. In it he demonstrates the truth of Hayek’s argument that socialism destroys the foundation for prosperity by gradually changing the character of the people. Bylund observes that young Swedish adults today are far different in their outlook from their grandparents. Whereas Swedes had once been known for their solid work ethic, after many years of the welfare state and its numerous entitlements, it is largely gone. Young Swedes are known for taking as much time off as they can while collecting as much as possible in government benefits. The nation’s standard of living is falling and must continue to do so.

Per Bylund är Senior Fellow vid Mises Institutet i Sverige och du kan läsa fler av hans artiklar här.

Som vi har skrivit om tidigare så refererar även Tom Woods till MB:s artikel Den skandinaviska välfärdsmyten.

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  1. Profilbild

    Grattis Per! Verkligen roligt. Jag hoppas du finner tid att skriva mer om Sveriges regressiva politik och destruktiva samhällssystem.

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